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Learn how real people feel about
your video content.

Quantum Insight predicts if your viewers like the content, remember it
or don't care about it - allowing you to make smart decisions.


You just need a video file to start!

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Available respondents

We have respondents
We give you access to real respondents in their real environment. You can order any kind of panel for your research or use your own respondents.

Results in 3 days

Results in even 3 days
You will get the results report and initial conclusions in 3 business days. In case you have your own panel - the delivery time may be even shorter.

Proven methodology

Proven methodology
Our methodology is scientific based, the studies and the interpretations are created by our psychologists.

Our clients

  • We have used Quantum Lab's ELLEN system many times. We use it not only to test our ads, but also for trailers of our feature productions. Analyzing the emotions of the viewers of our films has helped us in making difficult strategic decisions.

    Natalia Kusiak Project Manager
    Watchout Production
    Watchout Productions
  • Due to the fact that we are working in the film industry, our deadlines are absolutely final. Using Ellen gives me certainty that I will get my results in a short and guaranteed time.

    Małgorzata Niedzwiedz Dyrektor Marketingu
    Next Film
  • From our perspective, the study was very helpful. It made my purchasing decisions as a media buyer a lot easier. I am confident that we would like to use similar analyses for subsequent campaigns.

    Katarzyna Walczak Dyrektor ds. Reklamy i PR
  • We use Ellen to study our trailers, it's a tool that we find very helpful. Thanks to the obtained results, I can decide on the final form of my products, based on the emotional reactions of the target group.

    Daria Perzyna Marketing Manager
Watchout Productions PBS Next Film Player.pl Polpharma Wakacje.pl Universal McCann

We measure natural reaction to your video content

Data is non-declarative -
we analyze faces, microexpresions.
It's happening in your respondents
natural environment.
Software is AI based.

How can we help you?

With your commercial, ad, trailer, animatic, series episode, TV Show, documentarie, Youtube material etc.

Check overall performance

See natural responses of your target audience, check performance and potential.

Prepare your media plan

Create an effective media plan with insights on real people.

Discover your winners

Make decisions depending on your business needs: choose the best actor, best scenes etc.

Get insights with surveys

Extend your study by adding additional questions.

Support your production

Cut your content, move and delete scenes, base it on unconscious reactions.

Project co-funded by the NCBR under the programme GO_GLOBAL.PL