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Case study: Wakacje.pl

Wakacje.pl defines its TV campaign budget with the help of Quantum Insight

Wakacje.pl (Holidays.pl) is a first Polish travel website and a chain of travel agencies located all over Poland. The brand was created in 1999 and it has been holding the leader position in the internet market of tourist services since then. Its offer includes vacation packages from various destinations, flight tickets, car parks at airports and holiday vouchers. In 2016 the Wakacje.pl brand was recognized with the prestigious Laur Konsumenta (Consumer’s Laurel) award in the category Tourism.

With the launch of the new TV ad campaign Rankingi Wakacje.pl (Holidays.pl rankings), the company decided to assess if intriguing 10-second spots would appeal to the audience. As new spots took clearly humorous tone, it seemed necessary to verify whether this kind of message would turn effective and – as a result – encourage viewers to get more interest in Wakacje.pl offer.

The challenge

Wakacje.pl needed help to decide how should they allocate financial resources devoted to the broadcast of each of 5 campaign ads. They needed a research and a tool that would turn the results into valuable feedback. This is how Quantum Insight entered the scene.

Is the content good? Would viewers watch it with interest or would they rather be bored and disappointed? Which parts of the content would invoke the strongest viewers’ reactions? Those were just some of the questions Quantum Insight helped to answer.

The tool

Quantum Insight is a user-friendly computer system available in the cloud. It may help predict the effectiveness of video advertising and increase sales conversion. Quantum Insight measures emotional reactions triggered by the displayed content. On the basis of the customer analysis, it was to help Wakacje.pl in making right business decisions – such as e.g. which version of a commercial should a company spend more money and broadcast time on.

Most important feature of Quantum Insight is Ellen Score, a unified, single number quotient of the emotional quality of the content. It explains how a commercial builds viewers’ emotional involvement and how viewers react to the brand itself. The higher the score, the higher the customers’ emotional involvement as well as positive reactions to branding.

The research

The research using Quantum Insight platform was to identify the commercials that viewers liked the most – these should have the highest level of investment in terms of broadcast time. It was also carried out in order to determine a demographic group whose emotional reactions to the advertising content were the strongest – that would help to decide on the time and place of broadcast (at which TV channel and before/after what TV programmes the ads should be shown to viewers).

The final findings for each of the spots: Ellen Score, the level of emotional involvement (together with the most engaged demographic group) and the emotional reaction to branding as well as benchmarking against other commercials on the Polish market and in the Quantum Insight database.


Total number of participants: 160 (50% men and 50% women). The study was conducted in their accustomed enviroment – mostly homes and offices.

3 days
Content under analysis

Five 10-second advertising spots: „Exotics”, „Kids”, „Last Minute”, „Skis” and „Sightseeing”. One of Quantum Insight’s features enabled playing the videos in random order. That reduced the risk of cognitive distortions resulted from recency/primacy effects.

The results

The research with Quantum Insight platform answered Wakacje.pl’s main question: which campaign spots are worth allocating most financial resources to. It indicated the 3 commercials most appreciated by viewers and worth spending more money on.

On the basis of results obtained from the analysis of 5 spots, Wakacje.pl decided to:

  • move majority of its campaign resources for TV and online broadcasting of – successively -„Exotics” „Kids” and „Last Minute” (the two remaining ads, „Skis” and „Sightseeing”, were to be promoted with various formats of online advertising)
  • direct its campaign ads at female viewers – the strongest target group ( and broadcast them mainly on thematic channels and in-between TV formats for women and families).


The Wakacje.pl campaign results proved the rightness of decisions made on the basis of the Quantum Insight research. Quantum Insight predicted that:

  • women would perceive all the spots better than men (CTR among female viewers more than 0,5% higher than among male viewers!)
  • the three spots would trigger the highest  interest among viewers (the spots with the highest CTR: 1. “Exotics” 2. “Kids” 3. “Last Minute”)

During the research stage, a detailed analysis of Wakacje.pl spots was performed. It helped the client get answers to stated questions and get satisfying findings:

How good is the content?

The average Ellen Score of all analyzed ads from the Polish market is 22. The result for the two Wakacje.pl spots:  „Exotics” and „Kids” reached the score of 27. Sucha a high score means that both ads induced the strongest emotions among viewers and the most positive reactions when the brand was displayed. On the basis of Ellen Score it could be predicted  that these two advertising spots would be liked the most and have potentially the highest return on investment in terms of broadcast time.

Does the content induce the right emotional load?

The level of emotional involvement is the sum of all emotions triggered by the displayed content. The more emotions, the more engaging content. According  to the research, „Exotics” reached the highest level of emotional involvement, hitting the highest Ellen Score at the same time. Quantum Insight also proved all 5 commercials to be more effective among female viewers who were more emotionally engaged than men while watching the content.

Do the commercials trigger positive response towards the brand?

Quantum Insight confirmed that all Wakacje.pl commercials were structured properly in terms of branding. The peak of positive emotions was reached when the logo and offer were presented. In case of „Exotics” and „Kids”, positive emotions and the level of emotional involvement at the brand exposure were rising the fastest ( by 10% in „Exotics” and by 6% in „Kids”). The endings to these commercials caused the strongest positive response among viewers. Quantum Insight showed that these two ads had the highest potential to create positive associations with the brand.



Does the brand perform better than the competition?

Benchmarking provides a means to compare the brand ads against other commercials present on the Polish market and in the Quantum Insight database. Among all Wakacje.pl commercials analyzed by Quantum Insight,  „Exotics” performed the best, reaching higher results than 74% of all ads broadcasted on TV. The spot „Kids” took the second place, scoring higher than 70% of all TV ads on the market. Such an impressive performance resulted, among all, from high level of positive reactions to branding.


Project co-funded by the NCBR under the programme GO_GLOBAL.PL