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Just few steps to start your research

Choose research type depending on video type
Choose research type

Choose the type of research that serves your purpose.

Select target group
Select target group

Use our responders to start your research. Choose demographic, sex and amount. Or choose your own panel.

Add survey for respondents
Add survey
for respondents

You can add additional survey questions or use our suggested ones.

Responders watch your video content

Most researches are finished within 3 days

Most researches
are finished within 3

during that we record them and analyse their
emotions based on microexpresions.

We analyse that data to give you the best answers to
help you in your business decisions.

You get:

Report about your video
Report about your video

Detailed report written by our analyse specialist.

Choose research type depending on video type
Access to analytics

Access to our analytics tools, where you can analyze gathered data from different angles.

Choose research type depending on video type
CSV and video export

Infographic and other materials for your presentation, export video of emotions in time, CSV file with analytics.

How other companies use Quantum Insight?


Quantum Insight was to help Saturn assess which of the two actors was to be more liked by the audience and watched by them with more enjoyment. Saturn needed clear arguments to make the most beneficial choice and hire the best candidate. There were only 20 hours left before making the final decision.

Sztuka kochania

Watchout Productions needed our platform to prove whether viewers would find their trailer interesting and engaging, assess the level of viewers’ emotional reactions, identify the scenes with the lower than average level of involvement, find out how people reacted to jokes in the trailer and whether the moment of branding triggered audience’s positive response.


Wakacje.pl needed help to decide how should they allocate financial resources devoted to the broadcast of each of 5 campaign ads. They needed a research and a tool that would turn the results into valuable feedback. This is how Quantum Insight entered the scene.

Project co-funded by the NCBR under the programme GO_GLOBAL.PL