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Will I be able to handle the test technicalities?

Both the set-up and the performance of a test do not require technical skills. The system is intuitive and any doubts may always be consulted with our Customer Service. The whole process, before and during the study, is supervised and tested to ensure trouble-free interviews.

What do I need to start the study?

  1. The video material that you want to study, in file form (up to 100 MB each), or a video link on YouTube.
  2. The content of declarative questions that you want to ask the participants (both before and after watching the video).
  3. Specified research objectives: what is it you want to verify, to what purpose, what else do you want to find out and from whom.

Is my material safe?

Depending on the chosen option, selected respondents from the specified target audience will be invited to view your video. Connections during the test are secured with https and the video is stored on AWS servers, which you can learn more about by visiting Amazon. Only people directly involved in the study can access the video.

Who will participate in the study?

Depending on your preferences, there are two ways to assemble a research group:

  1. You can order a research panel from us, providing respondents (we cooperate with several panels).
  2. You can assemble your own research panel and collect the right number of interviews.

Depending on the objectives of the study, the target group needs to be identified individually by you (e.g. 150 people, 50% women, 50% men, living in large cities) or we can help you identify it.

Natural test conditions lead to noises:

  • respondents are doing something during the study (eating, talking),
  • respondents do not adapt to the test conditions (bad lighting or lack thereof),
  • read-out errors, due to errors in the XE engine,
  • emotions read-outs lower than 3% (number of respondents) are considered as noise.

Can the system be integrated with my system?

Ellen integrates with other tools by passing parameters both at the input and at the output of the study. This allows to include additional descriptions before or after the study and to redirect to other research tools used.

Is my video suitable for study?

The Ellen platform can be used to study every video material (an ad, a TV spot, a movie trailer, a movie, a TV show, an instructional video, a videoblog, etc.), in both draft and final versions. In addition, you can simultaneously review the already-broadcasted material to compare its success rate to the new video.

Can I combine it with other studies?

The Ellen tool can be used alone, as a complete study, or as a support tool for wider research. The system can include a previously used questionnaire, to maintain continuity of data from previous interviews. Both emotional responses and declarative responses can be downloaded in CSV format, allowing you to combine data with other parallel studies.

Will the survey tell me if my spot is "good"?

Based on the emotional response and audience engagement in your spot, Ellen Score and Ellen Grade will be identified. You can compare the results  with those of other spots on the market and see how your spot stands against similar productions.

An automated benchmark, based on statistical assumptions and ads in the Ellen database will show you how your spot presents itself when compared to competing materials.

Will Quantum Insight tell me if I will earn more money?

“Emotional campaigns have an almost doubly
higher potential for achieving great financial effects
as compared to rational campaigns – even
in rational categories ”
Binet and Field

Quantum Insight cannot predict the exact profit from a campaign, as it is not a revenue-prediction tool. However, scientific and marketing research shows without any doubts that emotional advertising is much more effective than rational messages, especially in the long run. It generates twice as much profits and does it much longer than rational messages. Studies show that the key to effective virality of material is emotional excitement. It turns out that materials that generate great emotional arousal are more likely to be passed on. An analysis of over 12,000 mimic expressions has shown that they can forecast both the extent to which the ad is liked and the intention to buy a product that is advertised in it. For charts, data and testimonials of these findings, see our White Paper on page 19.

The effectiveness of advertising campaigns is influenced by many factors, such as the content of the message, the target audience, the scale of the problem, or the level of the demand. Quantum Insight will answer the question whether the initial assumptions regarding the message and the expected reception have been met or which moments cause lack of interest in the material.

Will I have materials for my presentation?

All data visible in your Ellen account can be exported. This includes both a ready-made, basic graph of emotions and emotional involvement over time and the graphs you will receive when filtering results. Each graph you see in the system can be downloaded with one click and placed in a presentation. You can also download an infographic and a recording of your material with a real-time graph of emotions. (Example) You can also export CSV data (saved in Excel as numbers and answers to declarative questions), which you can use to perform your own analyses.

Why Quantum Insight and not a research agency?

With Quantum Insight, you have both options. Many research agencies cooperate with us and use Quantum Insight, so you can ask your agency, if it isn’t already cooperating with us, to contact us and it will carry on the research. You can also use Quantum Insight yourself, as setting up a test is simple, significantly shortening the time (which is always extended by intermediaries) and cost (for the same reason). Data presented by Quantum Insight is easy to read and you always have the option to utilize the knowledge and experience of our research staff while interpreting the results and formulating research objectives or writing declarative questions. During the set-up of a study and the whole results collection process, you will be assisted by our customer service department.

What will I get from a study using Quantum Insight?

After the study, you will receive data presented in several forms, including a graph of emotions over time. The graph shows a separate line showing each emotion and emotional involvement. You can trace, second after the second, what viewer emotions were aroused by your material.

In addition, you will receive the same numerical data in an Excel spreadsheet (as material for more in-depth and varied analyses), an infographic and a recording of your video along with a graph of emotions, second-by-second. Before you start a study, it is important to set the goals you want to achieve. If you are interested in scenes that elicit the biggest number of smiles, just find the green line and its highest points on the chart. You can filter results according to your needs, either by the target audience or the answers you’re looking for.

Can I compare two versions of an advertising spot using Quantum Insight?

Yes, you can compare two versions of an advertising spot. You can compare the same ad with one or several different shots, or two different ads for the same product, they may also be animatic. When setting up a study, you only need to upload both videos. In the system, after assembling a research group, you will have full access to data from both releases, which you will be able to compare with each other. The data you compare will be displayed on two different graphs or on a single one, depending on your needs and preferences.

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