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Thanks to the research report you can:

  • Check overall performance
  • Compare your videos to benchmark and make smart decisions.
  • Check the emotional impact of your brand exposure.
  • Verify the level of emotional engagement of your video.
  • Get ‘Insight Score®’ for your video.
  • Prepare your media plan
  • Create an effective media plan with insights on real people.
  • Check age, gender, nationality or other.
  • Learn how to use your marketing budget in the most efficient way.
  • Go with the best videos, kill those that won't generate impact.
  • Discover your winners
  • Choose content that is the most emotional engaging
  • Compare your videos to benchmark and make smart decisions.
  • Make decisions depending on your business needs: choose the best actor, best scenes etc.
  • Check and choose what is delivering your message best
  • Support your production
  • See if your brand has the emotional impact.
  • Modify the content by identifying the most and least engaging moments.
  • Get rid of drops of emotional engagement.
  • Use it for commercials, ads, trailers, animatics etc.
  • Get insights with surveys
  • Check how people remember the information from your videos.
  • Ask additional questions just after watching your video.
Project co-funded by the NCBR under the programme GO_GLOBAL.PL